10 Beginner Tips for Natural Skincare

By Paula Hoss

January 27, 2021

So you’ve been hearing from your best friend, your sister and even your mail carrier that they’re all switching to natural skincare products. But, we know that the switch can be overwhelming, expensive and confusing.

Should you throw out all of your beauty cabinet and start over? Do you need to buy only prestige level products? Why are the “natural” products that you just brought irritating your skin?

We’ve put together a list of 10 beginner tips for natural skincare to make the switch easier for you

  1. Stay away from these 3 products
    When purchasing skincare, avoid phthalatesparabens  and artificial fragrances. Most natural brands will have callouts on their products or websites saying that their products are free of these ingredients. Phthalates are a chemical added to cosmetics to changes the texture and adjust fragrance and have been shown to damage organs and the reproductive system. Parabens are used as preservatives and can also lead to reproductive issues and artificially derived fragrances can cause allergic reactions and are also associated with reproductive toxicity.

  2. Fragrances can be a grey area, so use your discretion
    Artificially derived fragrances can be potentially dangerous, so keep an eye out for the terms “fragrance” or “parfum” in the ingredient’s list. Manufacturers don’t have to share how these fragrances are derived and they can cause skin irritation and allergies. However, some natural skincare companies use naturally derived fragrances or essential oils to make their products smell pleasant and also for the benefits that go along with essential oils. Some people who are more prone to allergies can’t tolerate these ingredients, but some accept these types of fragrances as natural and safe.

  3. Oils can be beneficial for all skin types
    Look for products with ingredients like argan oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil. These ingredients have been proven to deeply moisturize dry skin (try The CLN&DRTY Core Cream for Dry Skin: https://clnanddrty.com/product/core-cream-normal-dry-skin/) and reduce inflammation and to be an effective natural skincare treatment for hormonal and cystic acne (try The CLN&DRTY Organic R&A Oil for Combination + Acne Prone Skin: https://clnanddrty.com/product/ra-oil-combination/).

    The R&A Oil for Combination + Acne Prone Skin

  4. Use this type of sunscreen every single day
    Choose natural, mineral based facial sunscreens with an SPF of 30 as part of your morning skincare routine every single day, even if you’re inside most of the day. (Damaging UV rays can still come in through windows and through limited exposure outdoors.) Wearing an effective SPF is the single most important thing that you can do for your skin to reduce signs of aging and improve tone and texture.

  5. Use your anti-aging treatments at night
    Save any serums, anti-aging treatments and active products for night time. This way, when you put them on your skin, your skin will have time to absorb them without any sunlight interfering and lessening their effectiveness. Plus, your body and skin will be in a restful state for the next 8 hours and your products will have their best opportunity to do their best work.

  6. Ditch your makeup remover wipes
    Makeup remover wipes are abrasive, can have harsh ingredients like alcohols and are bad for the environment. Instead, use a reusable makeup pad or cloth (try The CLN&DRTY organic bamboo + cotton rounds and cloths: https://clnanddrty.com/product/clndrty-give-green-set/) with a micellar cleanser (try The CLN&DRTY Rosewater Micellar Cleanser for Dry + Normal Skin: https://clnanddrty.com/product/rosewater-micellar-cleanser-for-dry-skin/) to remove makeup.

    The Give Green Set

  7. Switch one product at a time
    Throwing out your entire beauty cabinet is not just expensive, but also wasteful and bad for the environment. Instead, we suggest using up the products that you have on hand (as long as they’re working well for you and not causing any irritation) and once they’re empty, recycle the packaging and replace them with a safer and more natural alternative. Another benefit of this is that if you’re just changing one thing in your beauty routine at a time, you’ll know the culprit if you have a reaction.

  8. Use these basic steps
    At the most basic level, use this routine every morning and evening: Cleanse and moisturize and use an SPF in the morning. As you get more confident in your skincare routine, you can upgrade to our favorite routine: Cleanse, toner, treat, moisturize + SPF. Treatments can include clay masks, exfoliants, sheet masks and serums and can truly boost the quality of your skin over time. However, a basic routine is still great if you’re trying to find your path.

  9. Invest in a serum
    Look for ingredients like retinol, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and vitamin c to boost your skin’s texture, tone, elasticity, recovery and moisture levels. Many of these ingredients can act as gentle chemical exfoliators and can help you achieve that glow that you’ve been wishing for.

  10. Give it time
    Great skin doesn’t happen overnight, or even in the course of a few weeks or months, especially if you have hormonal acne. Learning about and switching to natural skincare products and seeing results can take time and patience. Be patient, be consistent with your skincare routine and don’t be shy about reaching out to companies and asking for advice or suggestions. In the end, great skin from natural products is absolutely attainable and completely worth it.

Sounds great, but where do you start? Try the CLN&DRTY Skin Quiz or chat with our Skincare Concierge to find your perfect products and routine. We love helping our community find their path to clean beauty!